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High-speed internet is an essential property enhancement in today’s world and a “must have” for many renters.  We are excited to bring Trailblazer’s locally owned and supported 100% fiber internet reliability and bandwidth to your property!


As a Landlord or Property Owner / Manager, you have options for bringing reliable, high-speed internet from your local municipally owned internet provider to your property.


Landlord Account


As the landlord, you sign up for Trailblazer Broadband as the account holder

and pay for continuous service at your property.


  • It’s up to you whether or not you want to charge your renter for the service or include it in your overall rental price.
  • As the account holder, you will coordinate the installation date and time, be present for installation and be responsible for the payment of the account and equipment. A minimum $300 fee applies for any lost or damaged equipment.
  • Your renters are not responsible for the account; however, we provide you with a separate “VR PIN” for your property that they can use to identify themselves if they need to contact Trailblazer Tech Support.


This is the ideal solution for: 

  • Short-term rentals
  • Vacation properties
  • Locations where you live in the property when you are not renting it out, or where maintaining consistent service is important.


Renter Account


Each renter or guest is responsible for establishing

their own Trailblazer service account.


  • In this scenario you, as the Landlord or Property Owner, will provide permission for Trailblazer to install new fiber optic line to the property by signing the attached form. Fiber installation entails running fiber either underground or overhead to the premises, placing an outside junction box and bringing fiber through a wall to a location inside the property.  See more details about the Installation Process.
  • After you provide your permission, the renter will sign up for service and the Trailblazer account will be in their name.
  • The renter will coordinate the installation date and time, be present for installation and be responsible for the payment of the account and equipment.

This is ideal for:

  • Long-term rentals
  • Remote landlords
  • Landlords who prefer to give their renters more autonomy and do not wish to be responsible for equipment and/or maintenance of the internet account.

Timing Considerations

Whichever scenario you choose, because Trailblazer providing a completely new fiber optic utility, it is necessary for us to physically run fiber to your premises before providing service for the first time. This process takes a MINIMUM of 3 weeks between the time you or your renter sign up for service and the appointment for interior installation and activation of service.

Through the remainder of our construction process, which will extend into 2024, we anticipate a very full schedule based on current demand. We know that residents and renters want service as quickly as possible, so please plan to sign up or have your tenant sign up as early as possible to ensure that we can provide service in a timely manner.

After the first installation where fiber is run into the property, installation for subsequent renters can be provided sooner, subject to scheduling availability.


Please remember that the Trailblazer Broadband service is subject to availability and technical issues may still prevent installation of Trailblazer service, such as inaccessible portion of the property or inability to dig due to terrain or weather issues. In such cases, Trailblazer will make every effort to reschedule the installation.  If cancellation is necessary, any pre-paid fees will be refunded. We also request that you or your tenant make the appropriate accommodations for any pets or locked gates, as well as ensure any other individuals that need to know about the installation are aware i.e. facilities and maintenance teams.

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