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Chart Your Own Path

Trailblazer Broadband is the Town of Estes Park’s community-owned and operated broadband service built with you in mind. That’s why with Trailblazer Broadband you aren’t forced into bundling contracts and you have the freedom to chart your own path and choose which providers you want for the services you need. 

Connecting Our Community

No more worrying about having to combine your internet, phone, and TV services. With Trailblazer Broadband you have the freedom to choose which services fit your needs, without feeling like your trapped into combining your services. 

Our Mountaineer Package starts at $69.95 a month with $0 activation. This includes up to 1-Gig download and upload speed, no long term contracts, and no data caps. We provide you with reliable internet service that is up to 100 times faster than other local options without the need to bundle. 

Faster, better internet on your terms. Register for updates today and be one of the first to receive notice of service in your area. 

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