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Residential Customer Rate Sheet

Residential Customer Rate Sheet

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As innovators, our community is joining the more than 10 million homes worldwide with fiber connection. Today, fiber technology is the new standard replacing the cable of the past.

High Speed Internet1

Monthly Charge

Activation Fee2

Mountaineer Package 1 Gbps 3

Up to 1 Gbps Upload and Download speeds, $20 off the standard monthly charge and Whole Home Managed WiFi is included in the package at no additional cost.



Mountaineer Package with Whole Home + 1 7

Includes the Mountaineer Package (3) PLUS 1 Additional Nokia Beacon activated at the time of installation



Mountaineer Package with Whole Home +2  7

Includes the Mountaineer Package (3) PLUS 2 Additional Nokia Beacons activated at the time of installation



Standard Residential 1 Gbps

Up to 1 Gbps Up and Down, including Whole Home Managed WiFi (a $6.95/month value) 



Residential 10 Gbps

Up to 10 Gbps up and down. Requires device with 10 GigE port. Actual throughput depends on your device capabilities and other remote device limitations. This is the fastest residential internet service available in the US. Whole Home Managed WiFi is an additional $6.95/mo including 1 Beacon required for WiFi service



Trekker Package Discount 1 Gbps

The Trekker Rate is applicable for those who have completed 12 consecutive payments without a service disconnection. $10 off the standard monthly charge and Whole Home Managed WiFi is included in the package at no additional cost.



Seasonal Hold 6

Includes 6 Mbps Internet Service




Whole Home Managed WiFi 4

If you intend to connect more than one device to your new Trailblazer Broadband service, it is important to have WIFI in your home, so you can connect devices in various rooms without cords. Whole Home Managed WiFi (cloud-enabled WiFi) allows our Trailblazer Broadband team to provide better support through remote troubleshooting and improved network performance, utilizing cloud-based remote monitoring and administrative tools.



Additional Wifi Repeater (each)

Improves signal strength inside your home. Monthly charge of $5 for each repeater plus a one time fee of $25 if added during the time of installation or with customer pickup if added post installation. Post-installation home visit charges may apply for beacon installation. 




Other Charges/Fees

Mailed Paper Bill (Currently Unavailable)

Monthly Charge



Lost, Damaged or Unreturned Equipment

All service equipment is the property of Trailblazer Broadband. Unreturned or damaged equipment will automatically be charged to your account at the replacement cost of the equipment. 


Current Replacement Cost

Returned Check Fee

Non-sufficient funds results in a returned check.



Service Suspension / Reactivation

If service is suspended due to a non-payment issue, abuse or canceled by customer, this fee will apply to reactivate the suspended service.



Hourly Service Fee and Custom Installations 5

1 hour minimum plus cost of materials. Site review after-hours/overtime charges may apply. 


$80/hour/Per Technician

Grace Period

Payment must be received within 6 days of the due date to avoid service suspension and reactivation fee. 

N/A – See Description 


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Terms & Conditions

1 These rates apply to services provided at a private residence and used in a residential manner, subject to Trailblazer Broadband Terms & Conditions. All rates are subject to change. Additional, applicable fees and taxes may apply to the rates provided. All services equipment is the property of Trailblazer Broadband. A customer may not share or resell the service with or to other entities within the same residential premises, nor extend the service beyond the customer premises. Static IP addresses are not offered on residential services. Trailblazer Broadband Residential service is non-dedicated, symmetrical (same speed up and down) bandwidth. One Gbps is equal to 1,000 Mbps. Speeds are best-effort and not guaranteed. Fees, restrictions or deactivation of service may apply at Trailblazer Broadband’s sole discretion for abusive usage. Good standing means compliance with all explicit obligations as stated herein and according to the Terms and Conditions of Trailblazer Broadband.


2 Activation of internet service. This includes a standard installation of internet services only which will follow the electric service path to the premise and the simplest entry method inside the premise near an electric outlet in a climate controlled space. Standard installs include hardware with ethernet ports to connect devices. TV and phone service must be purchased separately. Customers who do not keep service for at least 30 days after the install takes place, forfeit the first month’s service fee. Customer or a designated representative who may sign on the customer’s behalf must be present at the time of installation to authorize fiber and equipment location. Additional fees will apply for rescheduling or post-installation changes.


3 The Mountaineer Package Discount is the lowest price available to residential customers who subscribe within 90 days of email notification of service availability. The account must stay in good standing by making on-time continuous monthly payments without service interruption for at least 6 months after signing up for service, failure to do so will result in an $89.95 cancellation fee. Fees, restrictions, or deactivation of service may apply at Trailblazer Broadband’s sole discretion for abusive usage.


If an existing Mountaineer Package subscriber moves within an activated service area, the subscriber may transfer service to the new location at the time service is discontinued from the previous location. The activation fee will apply. If the new location does not yet have Trailblazer Broadband available, the customer must subscribe within 90 days of email notification of service availability.


For newly developed residences, the customer must subscribe with in 90 days of signup for Estes Park utility services (i.e., electric and or water) by the first occupant of each premise. For new residents moving into a service available area, the customer must subscribe within 90 days of establishing Estes Park Utilities at the new address.


4 With Whole Home Managed WiFi  our technicians will provide and setup up a high performance wireless device beautifully designed to be out in plain sight. Whole Home Managed WiFiincludes an easy-to-use smartphone application for monitoring and improving subscriber network performance and remote IT support from Trailblazer Broadband. Included with the Mountaineer,Trekker and Standard Packages.



5 Custom install charges apply for work beyond a standard installation. Standard installs include exterior fiber installation that follows the electric service path to the premise and the simplest entry method inside the premise near an electric outlet in a climate controlled space. Custom Install hourly rate recovers the cost of 1 Technician and vehicle (1 hour minimum). Materials costs are recovered at the per foot of additional interior fiber cable installed. After-hours/overtime charges may apply. All Custom Installations are subject to payment prior to completion of the installation.


6 Seasonal hold provides 6 Mbps service. An activation fee of $89.95 is required to implement seasonal hold service prior to 12 consecutive months as a customer in good standing. Autopay is required. The minimum hold period is one (1) month and the maximum is six (6) months. The hold can only be activated once every 12 months.

The hold period will start on the first of the month and the activation fee will be due at that time. Service can be reactivated any day of the month. Service fees for a partial month are prorated. You will be billed the prorated monthly fees at the time of reactivation.

Allow up to 3 business days to turn full service back on; you can change the end date of your hold period up to one business day prior to the initial scheduled end date, without exceeding the five month maximum. 

Upon the scheduled return date, services will resume without the need to schedule a new installation or service visit. Also, the pre-hold options and rates will be restored to the account.

Worry-Free WiFi and technical support will be suspended while on seasonal hold and all equipment will remain on premise. 

Seasonal hold may not be available for all services. 

The account must remain in good standing during the vacation hold period. Good standing means you have complied with all explicit obligations. 


7 Packages include all terms and conditions as stated in the internet service package selected. Nokia Beacon(s) for use with Mesh Networking are high performance devices designed to optimize the Whole Home WiFi experience. The $25 one time activation is only good at the time of the scheduled installation. For a return visit the one time activation fee is $35.


Our Community

When Will Service Be Available?

Service will be built out over the next 3 to 5 years beginning the fall of 2019. The initial phase will take advantage of Estes Park Power & Communications’ smart grid fiber-optic infrastructure, which already exists in specific neighborhoods and is currently under construction in others.

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Our premier service and support team is right here in the Town of Estes Park.
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Technical Support for customers is available 24 x 7 x 365 at 970-577-3770.



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