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The Fiber and Power Connection

Fiber optic lines are not only necessary to provide Trailblazer Broadband high-speed internet to homes and businesses in Estes Park, but they also serve as the foundational backbone of Estes Park Power & Communications’ Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The AMI is comprised of smart meters and infrastructure devices to transmit the meter reading data. According to Reuben Bergsten, Utilities Director for Power & Communications, “Our AMI data is analyzed to reveal potential problems,  and we use that information to initiate preventative maintenance that in turn reduces the risk of wildfire from our electric infrastructure.” Forbes Magazine mentioned Estes Park’s own AMI Coordinator Sarah Clark in the following article on Wildfire mitigation: Wildfire Season Is Year-Round. How To Keep The Lights On And Businesses Running

Learn more about Estes Park’s AMIs and Smart Meters. 

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