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Trailblazer Toolbox: Kickoff a Great NFL Season with MyBundle

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Football fans have long counted on the major networks to follow their beloved NFL team and keep an eye on their rivals and other league play throughout the season. Indeed, CBS and Fox have carried AFC and NFC games, respectively, for decades, making it easy for fans to find their local teams or the national game of the week any given Sunday. And from the preseason through the playoffs, for almost 8 months, there is a bevy of football action to soak up.

But with streaming technology taking hold in households across the country and the NFL signing new broadcasting deals with streaming platforms, some fans are having a tough time sorting through the dizzying number of channels, apps, and platforms to figure out where to watch their favorite game. It can even get tough to remember which nights their team is playing during a particular week!

Fortunately, MyBundle and its sophisticated features makes it easy to stay on top of your sports-related apps and channels—just as it does with all your other streaming content. And thanks to Trailblazer Broadband’s high-speed fiber internet, football fans can enjoy live NFL games with bright and brilliant picture quality that throws you right into the action.

Below we detail where and when you can watch live NFL football on streaming apps for the upcoming season outside the major networks, so you can easily keep track of your team all season long!

Peacock: Home of Sunday Night Football

After watching Sunday afternoon NFL games on CBS and Fox, fans can tune into Peacock, NBC’s streaming app and the home of Sunday Night Football. Starting with the preseason kickoff on August 3, 2023—also known as the “Hall of Fame Game” held in Canton, Ohio—Peacock will broadcast every Sunday night NFL game, easily available to everyone with a Peacock subscription.

Most interestingly, for the first time ever, Peacock will broadcast a playoff game available exclusively through a streaming service in early January 2024—a crucial Wild Card game. This means that to watch every playoff game this season, having Peacock is a must. So if you aren’t already a Peacock user, check MyBundle for deals and be sure to activate a Peacock subscription in time!

Amazon’s Prime Video: Thursday Night Football       

Like NBC’s Peacock, Amazon also has skin in the game for streaming evening football—Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football! In total, Prime Video will broadcast 16 games on Thursday nights for the 2023-2024 season, including some can’t-miss matchups like the Philadelphia Eagles at the Dallas Cowboys on November 30.

Amazon is also boasting about the first-ever Black Friday NFL game, streaming exclusively on Prime Video on November 24, 2023 between AFC East rivals Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. This scheduling innovation is sure to make Black Friday much more than just a shopping day!

YouTubeTV—the new home of NFL Sunday Ticket

For the football fan longing for the freedom to watch just about any NFL game broadcasted on Sunday afternoons, there is another subscription well worth their consideration—NFL Sunday Ticket. NFL Sunday Ticket lets you choose which NFL games you want to watch regardless of where you live—and that service is getting a new home starting with the 2023-2024 season.

Formerly a special add-on offered only by satellite TV provider DirectTV, NFL Sunday Ticket is moving to streaming giant YouTube TV. Industry insiders have reported that YouTube TV paid $2 billion a year for the seven-year contract deal. Though it’s a pricey add-on for YouTube TV subscribers, it may well be worth it to football’s most die-hard devotees!

YouTube TV will let you simultaneously stream Sunday Ticket’s games on multiple devices. However, it is strictly limiting simultaneous streams to devices accessed from the subscriber’s home only, and not from elsewhere. Thus, those intending on sharing their Sunday Ticket subscription with people living outside the home will be out of luck.

But there are still major advantages to multiple simultaneous streams from home, including YouTube TV’s awesome upcoming “multiview” feature, which will allow streaming of up to four programs at once. That means an NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber could theoretically stream four NFL games simultaneously on YouTube TV!

When you combine Peacock, Prime Video, and YouTube TV’s streaming services and features, NFL football fans will have the most complete coverage of professional football anyone can get. So, login to My Bundle today and build a bundle worthy of the most dedicated football fan—and don’t miss a minute of your favorite team this season!

For additional information about MyBundle and how it improves your streaming experience, click here. And be sure to follow Trailblazer Broadband’s Streaming Page and Video Library for more information about streaming your favorite content.

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