About Trailblazer Broadband

Connecting Our Community

Trailblazer Broadband is the Town of Estes Park’s community owned and operated broadband service.
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Why did the Town of Estes Park decide to establish its own broadband service?

Residents and businesses of Estes Park have expressed a need for faster, more reliable internet. Most recently, the Town of Estes Park’s 2018 scientific survey told us that two-thirds of respondents wanted the Town to provide better internet service, their highest priority among 40 current and potential services.

Private companies are unlikely to bring fiber-optic internet to Estes Park and surrounding areas due to the large up-front investment associated with the project.

In addition to faster, more reliable internet, the Town’s broadband service is an investment in the community. By investing in its own broadband service, the Town of Estes Park is keeping dollars in the community while also creating jobs and ensuring high-quality local support through Estes Park Light & Power. 

What is broadband and what are the benefits?

Broadband, by definition, is high-speed internet. The Town of Estes Park’s broadband service will be delivered over fiber-optic lines, resulting in more reliable service that is up to 100 times faster than existing options in the area.

With fiber-optic broadband, multiple people are able to use the same internet connection without a loss of speed or connectivity.

“The broadband service is a lot quicker than our previous provider. We don’t have cable tv. We use Netflix and Hulu to stream shows and it’s definitely faster with the broadband. When you download a movie from iTunes, it takes a lot less time for it to be ready to play. When you’ve got kids that’s really nice and makes a big difference.”

Robyn Zehr, DO

Residential Test Customer

Our Community

When Will Service Be Available?

Service will be built out over the next 3 to 5 years beginning the fall of 2019. The initial phase will take advantage of Estes Park Power & Communications’ smart grid fiber-optic infrastructure, which already exists in specific neighborhoods and is currently under construction in others.

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