Unique Properties Require Unique Solutions

Many homes in Estes Park – like yours – are far from standard.  You have chosen a beautiful, unique location for your home, and now it’s possible to enjoy your wonderful surroundings in Estes Park without sacrificing the internet quality that you would have in a major city.

Having reliable, high-speed internet service will be a great benefit and will also enhance your property value as well as the additional benefit of having fiber to your home that will be critical to Estes Park’s sustainable energy goals.


What you need to know: 


Because of your location, size, and accessibility of your property, the fiber run from our terminal in your area to your home may exceed Trailblazer’s standard installation parameters.

Trailblazer covers the entire cost of the main construction that brings fiber to your area.  In the spirit of partnership as we build this state-of-the-art fiber network from the ground up,  we ask you to partner with us by incurring the cost of that last fiber run beyond the standard installation, which is typically about 300 feet from the junction box or electrical pole.


Here’s the process:


  1. Contact our office to sign up for service and lock in your price on the Mountaineer discount ($69.95/month including WiFi and modem/router to facilitate 1 GIG upload and download speeds).
  2. Select a tentative installation date for your interior installation and service connection.
  3. Once you sign up, we can schedule a time for a member of our fiber team to meet with you to determine the best path for the fiber run to your home.
  4. We will provide you with an estimate of what it would cost, similar to what you may have experienced with other phone or energy companies.
  5. You will have an opportunity to review the quote and approve it before any work is done.
  6. The cost is determined based on a number of factors including distance, terrain and landscaping and can run from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
  7. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the proposed solution, you will have the option to cancel the service with no penalty.

To better serve you and provide you with the best and most economical solution to bring fiber to your beautiful home, we would like to get some additional information about your situation.

Call us at 970-577-3770 or email us at to get your custom site review scheduled.



“We really look at this as a partnership between Trailblazer broadband and our community and hope you feel the same way.  Please keep in mind that we are incurring the cost of main construction as well as for the first 300 ft on your property and are billing you for time and materials to complete the rest of the run from our terminal to your home.  Because we are building a completely new fiber-optic network from scratch, these charges are necessary in order for us to provide this service and make it sustainable over the long term.”


Kim Smith, Trailblazer Customer Experience Manager

Custom Installation Questions

Why Don't Other Providers Charge for Custom Installation?

Actually, there is a fee associated with this type of custom installation, similar to the standard practice you may be familiar with for phone, propane, or natural gas suppliers.

The construction of this completely new 100% fiber infrastructure for high-speed internet is a multi-million dollar undertaking funded by the Town of Estes Park and supported by the revenue from Trailblazer Broadband customers.

  • Unlike other providers, Trailblazer’s fiber-to-the-home construction allows us to offer reliability and superior speeds of up to1 GIG for uploads and downloads that other internet companies simply cannot match. 
  • Because of that, we must run the fiber optic line directly into your home.  
  • Trailblazer covers the entire cost of the main construction that brings fiber to your area.  
  • Also during the buildout phase, there is no charge to new clients for standard installation which is a run of 300 feet from the junction box at the road – or electric pole – to the home.  


Why Do You Want Me to Sign Up Before I Get a Custom Estimate?

The main reason we do this is to make sure we manage our time and resources effectively.  In a project of this magnitude, we need to make sure we plan wisely.  Our fiber team members who are responsible for conducting your Custom Site Review re also working on fiber network construction and installation, so we need to make the best use of their time to keep the project on budget and on schedule through the completion of our network buildout.

Please note that there is no cost to you for the site review.  If you are not satisfied with the plan and any custom charges that may be incurred, you can cancel your sign-up and get a full refund of your deposit.



Can I Get a Ballpark Estimate of What Custom Installation Will Cost Now?

We want to provide you with as accurate a quote as possible.  Without reviewing your property, that is difficult because there are so many variables to consider including distance, terrain, and landscaping. Custom work can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.  We CAN tell you that having reliable, high-speed internet service will be a great benefit and will also enhance your property value for years to come. When viewed over the long-term, the custom installation cost breaks out into a few dollars a day over the next year to two years.