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Under Construction
Phase 1 Fall 2019- Summer 2021
Phase 2 Summer 2021 – Fall 2022

Phase 3 Winter 2022-Spring 2023

Phase 4 Check Back for Updates


Approximate Time Frames for Phases*:

Phase I       Fall 2019 – Summer 2021
Phase 2      Summer 2021 – Fall 2022
Phase 3     Winter 2022-Spring 2023
Phase 4     Check Back for Updates


*Schedule Subject to Change
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Service Availability / Progress Updates:

As of September 2022, Trailblazer has completed main construction in the majority of the central area of Town and is now moving on to the outskirts and more remote locations.

As with any project of this magnitude, our construction schedule has been modified over the course of the buildout to make the best use of time, budget, and resources.

The most recent change in our original schedule was made in mid-September for the area from Mall Road to just west of Drake along Highway 34. Construction in this area has been delayed until later in 2023 due to several factors including accessibility, scheduling, and budgeting for shoulder season traffic control, the need to provide a significant amount of fiber along Hwy 34, and to meet our budgetary goals by completing construction in our most densely populated areas first. Please check this page periodically for updates, and we sincerely thank you for your patience. 

During the construction process, Trailblazer has weathered COVID, labor and materials shortages, fire evacuation, weather delays and Northern Flikr damage to our fiber lines. Despite all of that we are actually ahead of our overall construction schedule by approximately 9 months!

The majority of construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023, so the wait won’t be too much longer for anyone. Again, we appreciate your patience as we all work through the process together to bring more reliable, better internet to your residences and businesses.


Main Construction is Continuing in:

      • MacGregor Ranch to Dry Gulch Rd
      • Dry Gulch to Wildfire
      • Kiowa area
      • Mary’s Lake Road from Moraine to Hwy 7
      • Highway 66 to Mills Dr
      • Black Canyon area
      • Upper Fall River Road

Installation Process:

Click here to watch an informative video that explains the entire installation process of bringing fiber to your home.

Contractors  & Construction:

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  • Contractor Support: New Construction and Remodeling
  • Installation
  • Our Team
  • Estes Park Power & Communications Construction Projects


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