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Service Available

Coming Soon
Under Construction
Phase 1 Fall 2019- Summer 2021
Phase 2 Summer 2021 – Fall 2022

Phase 3 Winter 2022 – Fall 2023

Phase 4 TBA – Check Back for Updates


Approximate Time Frames for Phases*:

Phase I       Fall 2019 – Summer 2021
Phase 2      Summer 2021 – Fall 2022
Phase 3     Winter 2022-Fall 2023
Phase 4     TBA – Check Back for Updates

*Schedule Subject to Change
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Project Updates 2024

The project has reached a pivotal milestone by completing the majority of the main construction in our designated service areas. These areas include most parts within the Estes Park Town limits, extending north to Glen Haven and progressing along Highway 7 towards Allenspark. While this is the backbone of the fiber network, we still have a long way to go to bring service to everyone, particularly those in more remote locations. The desire for service has been overwhelmingly positive. Our installation calendar is currently booked well into late summer. 

Meanwhile, we are restrategizing our fiber construction to the more rural, remote areas of our community. With the shift to internal staff completing all new construction and installations, reaching the outlying communities takes additional time and careful consideration. These areas are challenging because of their distance, lack of density, and, in most cases, difficult terrain. As you might expect, these challenges also make this final portion of the buildout more expensive. 

Inflation has exponentially increased the cost of doing business for Trailblazer, as it has for most other companies and families in recent years. As a result, Trailblazer is actively seeking broadband funding through various grants to assist with rising material and construction costs in rural buildout areas. Although we have received a small amount of grant funding, our recent efforts have not been successful due to intense competition for too few dollars. The good news is that much more grant money is available in 2024. As you may know, grant processes are time-intensive and progress slowly.

Waiting for a good thing is never easy – whether it is grant money or better internet service – and we appreciate the patience of our rural community members. While there is no timeline at present, Trailblazer is working diligently to deliver this vital service as quickly as possible.


We know the wait is tough, but Trailblazer remains committed to completing the fiber buildout when additional funding can be procured to resume Phase 4 construction. 

Glen Haven

  • The majority of Glen Haven has service available

  • A section at Old Bridge Rd. remains unavailable as road construction is completed. Once done, the section remaining will be considered for fiber buildout and scheduled. 


  • Once a town hall meeting for the Allenspark project is scheduled, we will notify everyone registered in our system. 

  • Downtown Allenspark will be the first of 5 sections that comprise the rural Allenspark area to open as it has anchor institutions, commercial and infrastructure locations and the most density.
  • The Allenspark service corridor begins at Taharaa Mountain Lodge heading South to Taylor Rd and encompasses locations in both Larimer and Boulder counties. 

Highway 34 Corridor

  • The Highway 34 corridor east of Mall Rd will require the replacement of the entire existing overhead conduit infrastructure installed as part of the post-flood restoration due to extensive wildlife damage. 

  • This location requires additional cost and planning in coordination with CDOT for traffic control only in shoulder seasons, further complicating scheduling work in this area. 

North of County Rd. 43 at Chasm Dr

  • A section of County Rd 43 between MacGregor Ranch east past McCreery Ln needs mainline fiber to connect this location. 
  • Larimer County requires permitting and special conditions that have delayed this area until further funding and an alternative plan can be made to complete this location construction. 

Other Remaining Areas

  • If you live in an area other than these listed and are an Estes Park Power & Communications customer, your area will be included in final phase of construction planning when additional funding has been procured.
  • In the meantime, you are encouraged to register your interest with us so that we can keep you updated on our plans to complete construction in your area. 

Glen Haven Town Hall Meeting 


We know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting faster, more reliable Trailblazer Broadband service for some time now.  As we plan for the final phase of our fiber construction project, the Trailblazer team wants to assure you that we are bringing service to you as quickly as we can.

Here’s the latest: 

  • Over 800 miles of fiber optic cable have been run since construction started in Sept 2019.
  • Despite numerous challenges and delays, at this time the project is nearly 90% completed.
  • As the project nears completion, two key milestones took place in 2023: 
    1. Making payments on the bond issued to fund the broadband buildout, which is a priority for the project’s sustainability since the bond, procured grants, and Trailblazer client revenue have funded 100% of the project to date without using any tax dollars.
    2. Transitioning all construction and installation work in-house to be done by the Estes Park Power & Communications fiber team in order to minimze cost, ensure consistency and keep service rates low. 
  • With only the internal team responsible for main-line fiber construction, on-premise installations, and an overwhelmingly high demand, wait times for service have increased significantly.


The Trailblazer team looks forward to completing the project and appreciates the flexibility and understanding of the community as we bring the broadband network buildout to a successful conclusion.

In the meantime, we will continue to provide updates as progress continues.  You can also find more information about Trailblazer on our website at, or calling 970-577-3770 during regular business hours to reach Customer Support.

We are confident that our superior service, local support, and greater reliability will be worth the wait! 

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