How to Get Voice Service with Trailblazer Broadband

The Town of Estes Park’s community-owned and operated broadband service was built with you in mind. That’s why with Trailblazer Broadband you aren’t forced into bundling contracts and you have the freedom to chart your own path by choosing the providers you want for the services you need. While Trailblazer Broadband doesn’t offer phone service, you can easily use your internet connection for voice calls.

How to Use Internet for Voice Calls

Step 1

Select an internet phone provider online and sign up.

Step 2

The provider will send you an IP adapter or device in the mail.

Step 3

Plug that device into your Trailblazer Gateway Router.

Step 4

Plug your phone into the IP device and you’re ready to call!

We do not endorse any single provider, but there are many choices such as Vonage for Home and Ooma

Additional Information

Cost varies, but usually, there is a fee for the device and then a per month service charge, roughly $15 or even less. For example, with Ooma’s basic service there is no monthly charge; you just pay nominal taxes and fees, which is less than $6/month for our zip code (80517).

These plans typically come with the features you probably have now like:

  • Caller-ID,
  • Call waiting
  • Bluetooth
  • Voicemail
  • 911 calling/alerts
  • International calling options

You will activate the service online. Set up usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes. No service call or installation at your home is needed.


You can use your existing phone, including cordless phones with the device from the provider.  To use a handset for cordless phones, simply plug the base unit into your adapter and install the additional cordless phones in other locations. Providers often run promotions on phones or adapters at a discount, or even free, so if you prefer, you can purchase a new phone from the provider or online. 

You can usually keep your current phone number; sometimes there is a small fee for transferring it over.


To connect to the internet, you’ll need an ethernet cable. Use a Cat 5e, Cat 6 or Cat 7 ethernet cable to connect your phone device to the Gateway to get speeds up to 1 GIG. If you need an extra cable you can purchase one online (e.g., Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.) or locally at Radio Shack or Dollar General. 

A battery backup, also called AN Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which is a good idea for computers, modems, and home office equipment that has potentially sensitive data. Plus, battery backups also allow you to keep the internet (and therefore your phone system) up and running during a power outage.


If you have questions, each provider has easy to follow instructions with the device. Most providers also have  1 to 2 minute set up videos on their websites.

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