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Where's Trailblazer?

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Keep an Eye Out For Us!

Trailblazer is currently working in the following areas:

  • Fish Creek
  • Little Valley
  • Rockwood Estates
  • Carriage Hills
  • Prospect Estates
  • Wapiti Circle
  • Community Dr area
  • Downtown Estes Park

We will soon be in:

  • Village Green area off Hwy 7 and Lexington Lane
  • West of University Drive heading North through Stanley Circle area
Downtown Public Notice


The same team that you depend on for excellent electric service is installing all new fiber to build our broadband network. Estes Park Power & Communications is also managing 4 contractor teams who assist with fiber construction, splicing and installation.


Service will be built out in phases over the next 3 to 5 years in coordination with existing electrical SmartGrid upgrades. The state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure requires an expansive network spread from 4 centralized “huts” to 55 strategically located cabinets and then to thousands of terminals across our valley.

Before service is available to you, there are a number of steps that must be completed. The first step is main construction to bring fiber to your area. As with electrical lines, main fiber lines may run overhead or be buried underground, depending on your location.


When running fiber underground, we must follow existing easements which is why we may have to “cut through” a sidewalk or parking lot rather than going around it.

While it may seem odd that you will see a trench run through the middle of a road around town, that is actually the BEST location because it avoids lanes where disruption could cause tire damage as well as the edges of the asphalt on each side which is weaker than down the middle of the of the road. Trenching cuts about a 2” line to house the fiber.


If underground work is required, you may see different colors of flags or spray paint in your neighborhood to identify all the various types of public utility lines that are underground.


We are making every effort to minimize disruption, but some trenching is necessary to run the fiber for our internet service, again following the path of existing electrical lines wherever possible.

As of July 2020, our team has placed 23,218 Linear Feet of MicroTrench.


Protecting our viewshed and natural landscape is always a priority.

The Town of Estes Park has done extensive research and training to utilize the least invasive and most beneficial methods available to make the necessary improvements to the infrastructure.

Whenever digging is required, our team will take extra care to use the latest digging and trenching methods to minimize impact to your property and landscape. If micro-trenching across concrete or asphalt is used, a return visit for repairs may occur at a later date.


For more information about Trailblazer in your community click here to download our introductory resource packet.

This interactive construction map shows Estes Park Power & Communications fiber and electric projects in progress:

Click on your area to access additional details regarding current construction. To see when broadband service is available to you click on the following link. 

When service is available in your area, you will be notified by mail or email. To learn more about the home installation process, click the link below.