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Freedom to Choose

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Installation Process

Find out what to expect for your in-home installation.



Accounts & Billing

Manage your account, view and pay your bill.



Streaming Resources

With Trailblazer Broadband you have the freedom to choose which streaming services fit your needs, without feeling like you are trapped into combining your services.

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VoIP Phone Resources

Whether you love your landline or want to say goodbye to it, with Trailblazer, you have the speed, bandwidth and reliability to choose from a number of potentially money-saving phone options.


Network Status

View potential outages and network-related updates.

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Basic Internet Troubleshooting

Basic steps to help quickly resolve any internet issues

Internet Troubleshooting Guide



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Troubleshooting Your WiFi Connection


Slower speed on Wi-Fi versus a wired connection doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your internet. In fact, slower Wi-Fi speed is pretty much inevitable, since wireless technology uses Radio Frequency or RF waves to send data, and these waves ALWAYS degrade over distance.

Ways to Optimize Your WiFi Connection




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Finding Additional In-Home IT Resources

At the time of installation our installers will ensure that your service is up and running, and that your WiFi is operating as expected by connecting a single device. As much as we would all love to be able to offer home networking services beyond our single device connection to all of our customers, we simply do not have the resources to offer those services at this time.

Although we don’t recommend or endorse any particular company, if you are still in need of assistance getting your home network moved over to Trailblazer, click below for a list of independent IT resources.

Estes Valley IT Companies Listing

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Service Rollout

Broadband schedule, receiving services and switching providers.

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Rates & Packages

Pricing, contracts and Mountaineer discount.

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Billing & Payment

Paper billing, payment methods and email reminders.

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Choosing an installation date, preparing and necessary equipment.

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Perform a speed test, receive WIFI name and password and connect devices.

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Connect wirelessly or through an ethernet cable to stream services.

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Router Placement, signal strength and turning off blue light.

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Installation Process

Scheduling Your Install

Select your installation date and time.

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Preparing Your Space

What to expect during installation.

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Connect Your Devices

Easily connect your devices to Trailblazer WiFi.

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Terms & Conditions

View Online the latest version of Trailblazer Broadband complete Estes Park Power & Communications Terms & Conditions.

Download the latest version of the Estes Park Power & Communications Terms & Conditions

Residential Customer Service Rates

View Online the Trailblazer Broadband Residential Customer Service Rates with Terms & Conditions.

Download the Trailblazer Broadband Residential Customer Service Rates with Terms & Conditions.

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