If you’ve ever signed up for an Internet/TV “bundle” from an internet or cable company, you know that you have to decide which TV package is right for you. While Trailblazer Broadband doesn’t offer an Internet/TV bundle, we have partnered with an independent company called MyBundle that makes streaming easy.  

MyBundle helps you to find the best streaming platform combinations for your household.  You simply answer a few questions about your viewing habits and what you like to watch, and MyBundle gives you options of which combination of TV and streaming products will deliver everything you want to see easily and often much more cost-effectively than cable TV options. 

With MyBundle: 

  1. You can build your own custom bundle, including Live TV and streaming services you’d like to have and see MyBundle’s recommendations before committing to anything at absolutely no cost.  
  2. Most of the same shows you find on cable can also be watched on streaming services, so you won’t miss out on the programs and movies you love! Instead, you’ll have far more content to choose from.  
  3. My Bundle tracks the latest streaming platform specials, discounts, and free trials on many popular streaming services so you can see them all in one place. 
  4. As a Trailblazer customer, you will have the bandwidth and internet speed to stream all your programs, and according to MyBundle, the average Live TV streaming bundle is 50% less than your old cable TV.
  5. We’d love to have you as a Trailblazer customer more than anything in the world, but even if you’re not, you can use MyBundle for free!

Once you’ve made the wise choice to sign up for MyBundle and optimize your streaming entertainment experience, it’s time to take advantage of MyBundle’s many tools and features. 

We’ll walk you through a few first steps you should take after creating your MyBundle profile

By taking these steps, you’ll get the most out of your MyBundle experience and enjoy more streaming entertainment immediately. So let’s jump right in so you can get busy streaming!

#1 Sign Up For Streaming Platforms

There are plenty of streaming entertainment options available today. Indeed, the sheer number of streaming apps, channels and platforms can be dizzying! MyBundle offers a convenient and quick way to cut through the clutter and confusion of selecting streaming platforms. 

The best way to start this process is with MyBundle’s Find My Bundle tool

The Find My Bundle tool is a simple “quiz.” It starts by asking you a series of questions about the size of your household, your zip code, and the apps and other streaming services you already have. 

Then, you’ll be asked which channels you and your family need. Once you’ve completed the quiz, let MyBundle do the rest!

Based on your preferences and viewing habits, the Find My Bundle tool will customize a package of streaming platforms you’ll use, helping you find the services that get you the live channels you want.  

In this way, MyBundle helps save money by avoiding streaming apps and channels you probably wouldn’t watch! You’ve also saved time by letting MyBundle research for you. 

#2 Find and Add TV Series and Movies To Your Watchlist

Next comes the fun part—creating your MyBundle watchlist and adding your favorite shows! 

Some people find creating a watchlist of content daunting since they must search for their shows and movies across multiple apps and platforms. But MyBundle’s interface lets you search for content across all your apps and channels in one place—without needing to log in and out of every platform. 

Best of all, MyBundle’s tools help you find new entertainment. 

MyBundle’s algorithm uses your preferences and previous watches to present content recommendations from your app subscriptions and plans. By simply utilizing its search tools, you’ll receive suggestions for great new shows and movies that are most relevant to you and your family.

There’s also a separate MyBundle movie watchlist for when the fam is ready for movie night. And the watchlists you’ve created in MyBundle show you all of your content from every app, eliminating the need to check each streaming service. 

#3 Get Content Recommendations from Family and Friends

After using MyBundle’s tools to help find new content, utilize one of our favorite MyBundle features—friends and family recommendations!  

Here’s how it works.

First, create your MyBundle Binge List and start selecting the TV shows or movies you might be interested in watching. MyBundle will generate a list of content just for you. For each title you might be interested in, click “Add to Vote List.” Then, click “Save and Share,” and voila—your Vote List is created! 

After setting up your Vote List, share it via text message, email, or other social media with anyone you’d like, and let them review it and vote on their favorites.  

Lastly, once they’ve voted, you’ll see their recommendations in your profile and you can start your next great series! It’s a terrific way to round out your watchlist with new content. 

#4 Track Your Streaming Budget 

Now that you’ve used MyBundle’s tools to find the streaming apps and channels you’ll use and loaded up your watchlists with hours of incredible content, it’s time to take stock and track your budget. 

Establishing your streaming bundle in MyBundle has helped you declutter your streaming content and reduce overall costs. But it can also help you make streaming budgeting decisions as well. 

For example, after looking through your watchlists in MyBundle, you may decide to take a hiatus from a few streaming platforms you don’t watch as much. 

Or perhaps it’s better to take advantage of free trial periods or discounted rates just to binge-watch a particular series before deciding to join for a longer time. Seeing it all in one place on MyBundle helps you track your streaming budget and make better financial choices.

As you can see from the steps above, MyBundle helps you enjoy streaming more conveniently and efficiently. And it can help save you money, too. 

For more information about MyBundle and how it makes streaming easier, click here. And be sure to follow Trailblazer Broadband’s social pages and News for more ways to get the most out of your high-speed fiber internet!


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