If you have installed, maintain, and own your own conduit, Trailblazer’s team of experts will determine if the conduit is in a place that allows for the proper placement of your fiber lines and equipment.  We recommend a pre-installation walkthrough to determine whether or not your existing conduit can be used and if additional work is needed.

Not all existing conduit will be useable because:

  1. First, since we are running fiber optic cable instead of copper cabling, we are using a conduit that is best suited for housing and protecting our fiber.  
  2. Existing conduit may not feed into a point of entry that allows for optimal equipment placement, so additional trenching or fiber may be needed, which may result in additional charges for custom placement.
  3. Also, much of the existing conduit in Town belongs to other entities and providers.  If we ran fiber through their conduit and they chose to remove it, our fiber would be removed with it.  
  4. IMPORTANT:  Trailblazer cannot utilize existing conduit owned and maintained by other service providers. 
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