Trailblazer Broadband COVID-19 Response

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Our Seasonal Hold option provides 6 Mbps service and is only available to existing customers in good standing after 12 months of consecutive service.  The cost for seasonal hold is $19.95/month during the hold period with an activation fee of $29.95.

  • Autopay is required, and the account must remain in good standing during the vacation hold period. Good standing means you have complied with all explicit obligations.
  • The minimum hold period is (1) month and the maximum is five (5) months.
  • The hold can only be activated once every 12 months.
  • Whole-Home Managed WiFi and technical support will be suspended while on seasonal hold and all equipment will remain on-premise.
  • The hold period can start on the first of the month. Service can be reactivated any day of the month.
  • Service fees for a partial month are prorated. The reactivation fee and prorated monthly fees will be billed at the time of reactivation.
  • We ask that you allow up to 3 business days to turn full service back on; you can change the end date of your hold period up to one business day prior to the initial scheduled end date, without exceeding the five-month maximum.
  • Upon the scheduled return date, services will resume without the need to schedule a new installation or service visit. Also, the pre-hold options and rates will be restored to the account.
  • Please note that seasonal hold may not be available for all services.


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