The positioning of your ONT (or your wireless router, if you are using your own device) can impact the WIFI signal you receive in various parts of your home. Placing the device in a central area of your home reduces wasted coverage area and eliminates unnecessary distance between the unit and any connected devices on the outside edges of the coverage area. Ideally, it will be within sight of wherever you sit and use the Internet most.

Every installation is unique, based on the layout of your home.  Step 1 of installation is a brief inspection of your home to determine the best location for the equipment and the proper route for installing the wiring necessary to activate the service.   The installers will provide a few options for installation and wall plate placement.  Typically, the standard installation will be on the main floor of your home within 20 feet of the entry point from the exterior of your home.  It is best to avoid placing the ONT near metal objects and electrical appliances, particularly microwaves and baby monitors.

Depending on your home layout and size, some areas may experience a weaker signal, no matter where the ONT is placed.  You can lease additional beacons (similar to repeaters, but offering stronger, more consistent signal strength) from Trailblazer Broadband to place strategically within remote areas of your home.  Our installers can assist with placement recommendations to optimize the signal strength throughout your home.

If needed, custom installation is available for an additional cost; however, adding a mesh node or two in remote areas of your home may be a better solution.


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