1. When you sign up for service, you will enter a credit card (preferred) or bank account information.

2. At the time of sign-up, you will be charged a deposit for one month of service on your plan, e.g., $69.95 for the Residential Mountaineer Package.

  •  This amount will be applied to your service fees after installation.
  •  Service for your installation month will be prorated for the days of service in the current month (from installation date forward) and any applicable installation fees (waived for Mountaineer members).
  •  The remainder of the initial deposit, if applicable, will be applied to the first full month of service and the remainder of your monthly fee for service will be automatically charged/deducted from your payment method on file unless you disable the autopayment feature.

3.  Unless otherwise specified, your payment will be charged on the first of each month through autopay.

4.  There is a grace period until the 12th of the month before your payment is considered late.

5.  You will receive an invoice via email approximately 10 days prior to your payment due date as a reminder. With the autopayment method, you do not need to do anything else, simply keep the invoice for your records.

Please note:  On the invoice, you will likely see that the payment is due by the 12th of the month; however, this includes the 12-day grace period before payment is considered late.  In this case, the payment will still be applied to your payment method on the first of the month.

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