Summer is here and so are our seasonal neighbors, friends and visitors. More people means more events, more business, and yes, more traffic – even on the internet. Now that Trailblazer Broadband has completed the build-out of more than half of its fiber infrastructure, Trailblazer clients will have significantly better summer experience than in the past.

Here’s how:

Better bandwidth in the fiber optic network means less slowing when more people are using the internet simultaneously.
Trailblazer’s three – yes 3! – redundant fiber paths out of town mean service continuity with far less chance of service interruptions.

Trailblazer is the only local option for internet with symmetrical speed of up to 1 GIG (1,000 Mbps) for downloads AND uploads with no data caps. Most alternatives only offer around 20 Mbps for uploads as part of “1 GIG” service.

Why does it matter? Upload speeds are critical to anything where you are SENDING rather than RECEIVING information over the internet, such as

  • Video calls (FaceTime with the grandkids, anyone?),
  • Backing up files to the Cloud
  • Uploading vacation and wedding photos to social media for friends and family

Yes, we’re tooting our own horn a bit, but we know that when you’re in Estes Park, you want to spend as much time enjoying the beauty and fun of the outdoors, not sitting behind a computer screen. We’re here to make that happen!

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