Now that you have your new Trailblazer Broadband high-speed internet, you are ready to connect all of your wireless devices.

Although each device is somewhat different, these simple steps should get you connected. Due to the numerous WiFi devices and configurations available, Trailblazer Broadband provides this information for reference only. For full support, refer to the user manual for your unique device.

On your device:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the option most closely related to one of the following: Network – Connectivity – Internet Connection
  • Select the WiFi Connection option
  • When prompted, enter the WiFi name and password that are listed in your Trailblazer Broadband account
  • Wait for an indication prompt that the device is “connected”

You can perform these same steps in a physically connected configuration by connecting your device to the Nokia Gateway (this is your modem and router in one) with an ethernet cable. If you want to connect a device that does not have built-in WiFi connectivity, you can purchase a WiFi adapter that plugs into your device’s USB port. If you are having issues getting your device connected, refer to your device manufacturer’s website, manual or helpline for the next steps.

Please note that when testing wirelessly (over WiFi), upload and download speeds will always be slower than when being tested directly plugged into the Gateway or Beacon. Signal strength may be impacted by:

  • Distance from the Nokia Gateway and/or additional Beacons
  • Interference from other wireless devices or appliances such as microwaves, older appliances, baby monitors, other electrical devices, or even building materials in your walls and floors such as concrete
  • Sharing bandwidth among users, multiple devices and/or processes

For more resources and helpful tips view our Help & Support page!

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