The broadcast signal is once again reaching much of the Estes Valley, and the availability of Trailblazer Broadband at the new location allows live streaming to more listeners in remote locations.

Many seasonal visitors to Estes Park take advantage of the streaming service to listen to KREV-LP. To try the live stream, go to the website at, and click on “Listen Now.” The station will be off the air for a short period during installation of some equipment upgrades that will improve the stereo signal.

Now that the tower has been installed and the equipment has again been hooked up, KREV-LP has resumed its usual announcement and program schedule.

“We are deeply grateful for the patience of our listeners and underwriters during this long process,” says KREV-LP board chair Cay Lacey. Although the station was not able to conduct any fundraising during the pandemic, all commitments for on-air underwriter recognition will be fulfilled, and underwriters for 2020 will receive a full year of on-air credits. The KREV-LP board hopes to get back to regular fundraising through an in-person campaign this fall.

KREV-LP serves the Estes Valley with a varied mix of music, public service programming, and local announcements. To support Community Radio for the Estes Valley, visit the website at for more information on how to become an underwriter or contributor to help with the costs of relocating the tower. Click on the “Become an Underwriter” tab at the top of the page to fill out the on-line form, and someone will contact you to complete the process. KREV-LP also accepts donations through credit cards or PayPal through the “Donate Now” link on the website.

06/09/21 – By Cay Lacey for the Trail-Gazette

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