We are continuing to roll out our fiber-optic one-gigabyte internet services to different areas of Estes Park. Two weeks ago, Wendy Koenig, Mayor of Estes Park, received Trailblazer Broadband services at her home. She has been a major part of this project since the start by advocating for options and ultimately bringing the dream of better internet in Estes Park to life with the creation of Trailblazer Broadband.

In her most recent article, she discusses how her installation process went. She says “Two weeks ago, the one-gigabyte Internet service that Trailblazer provides, arrives at Roger and my home. During the three hours James Webb and crew take to install the service, I can’t help but think about how, what presently is a town run broadband utility was set in motion during my time as trustee. The unique way the lines and dots of dreams connect to form boxes. How within the boxes, the needs of students, business and homeowners and tourist merge.”

With her installation finished, Wendy says “I know that now while video conferencing, there will be no notice of an unstable Internet connection. Nor will the video freeze on the computer screen. I possess the capacity for meeting the video demands that the pandemic is making on me, both as a mayor with obligations to fulfill and as a grandmother with grandkids I love in Lakewood and Slovakia. And, I am beyond thrilled about the way you, the townspeople of Estes Park stepped up to connect the dots so everyone wins.”

We are excited to continue bringing our services to the rest of Estes Park. Stay informed about when service will be available in your area here.

And read more from Mayor Wendy Koenig by clicking here.

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