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Mountaineer Package:  1 Gbps Service + $0 Whole-Home Managed WiFi + $0 Standard Installation Fee $69.95 * 839.40 * None

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Standard Residential 10Gbps UP/DOWN (WiFi not included) $159.95 * n/a $159.95 *

*rate is subject to change

Trailblazer provides internet and WiFi service, but does not offer home or business network configuration services.  At the time of installation, you and your installer can determine if an additional mesh unit(s) would benefit your home’s WiFi coverage for only $5/month and a $25 activation fee per unit at the time of installation). You may wish to consult with a network specialist for other networking services, if needed.

Installation Expectations

What to Expect for Your Installation

  • Exterior Pre-Installation

Fiber is connected from the terminal to your residence following your existing power feed either overhead or underground.

  • Overhead feeds will be done on the day of your scheduled installation.
  • Underground work occurs between service sign-up and your scheduled interior installation.
  • For underground, expect locates from Utilities marked by flags or paint in your area.
  • Please move any obstacles between your home and the fiber terminal, e.g., vehicles, RVs, planters, etc.
  • Crews utilize the least invasive trenching methods. Trenches will be filled when work is complete, results vary depending on the location and material. In asphalt, trenches are sealed with a high-quality product rated for airport runways.
  • Interior Installation – You will need to be home for your interior installation
    • A fee may be assessed for no shows and/or installations canceled within less than 24 hour of the appointed date and time.
    • Interior installation will require drilling a small hole on the exterior of the home to the interior.
    • A junction box will be mounted to the exterior and fiber will run through a wall plate on the interior.
    • Installers will place and provide your State of the Art Nokia equipment at the time of installation.
  • Installers will help you decide, but in the meantime, be thinking about the best location for your equipment that is:
    • Near an electrical outlet.
    • A maximum of 30 feet from your electric meter or point of entry on the exterior of your home and a maximum of 20 feet from the point where fiber enters the interior (standard installation)
    • At least 3 feet away from any appliances or wireless devices that may cause interference (e.g. Microwaves, Cordless Phones, Baby Monitors, Older Electronic Equipment, etc.)
    • On the main or ground level of your home (Note: Additional Nokia Beacons are recommended for multiple levels or large homes)
    • If you prefer the location of your equipment somewhere other than what is included in the Standard Installation, please contact us at 970-577-3770 to learn more about Custom Installation pricing.
  • Installers will ensure that your internet service is working properly and that one of your wireless devices is connected to the Trailblazer WiFi system.

I have read the Installation Expectations and agree

Read more about installation in our Standard Installation Terms


Schedule the Installation

Prior to your installation appointment, exterior construction will be completed to bring the fiber to your home.  You do not need to be present for exterior installation, but you will need to be present at the location below for interior installation.  Estes Park Power & Communications will connect the service inside your home at your selected installation time.


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Review Charges

Starting <DATE> you will be charged the monthly fee of $69.95 on the first day of each month, for the Mountaineer Package: 1 Gbps Service + $0 Whole-Home Managed WiFi + $0 Standard Installation Fee service.

Please choose a payment method:

O Credit Card

O Bank Account

Today, you will be charged the following one-time amounts:

Initial deposit to be credited to your account and applied to future invoices           $69.95

TOTAL ONE-TIME CHARGE                                                                                          $69.95