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How To Stream Local Stations
When it comes to saying goodbye to cable, getting access to your local networks and the prime time shows are a priority for many. You no longer need a cable or satellite TV subscription to watch your local TV channels. You can now watch your local networks through the internet through streaming devices and services. All you need is a streaming device to connect to various video services over the internet using apps (also known as channels) to stream the video directly to your TV. Below are some popular app (channel service) options to stream local TV over the internet:


Hulu Live TV

Hulu’s Live service currently streams live ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and The CW in several markets. Use this zip code tool to see which local channels are available in your area. It will also tell you which cable channels are available! You can get live FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC in most areas in the U.S.


FuboTV offers live local Fox, NBC, and CBS is select markets. This service also includes networks known for sports like FS1, FS2, beIN Sports, NBCSN, BTN, and more.

Sling TV

Sling TV offers a Broadcast Extra package that delivers ABC in select markets. Sling TV also offers live local FOX and NBC broadcasts in select markets.

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