This Trailblazer Team Spotlight honors one of the greatest assets to our fiber team, Greg “Go Rams” Smith.

A pioneer of fiber construction, Greg Smith has spent the last 4 years on the front lines of our fiber optic buildout. He brings 35+ years of Journeyman Lineworker experience to the team.  After one retirement in Ft. Collins, he has been part of the Estes Park Power & Communications team for almost 7 years.

In 2019, he accepted the challenge of a split role of assisting in main fiber installation for the Trailblazer Project and has been an integral part of the Trailblazer Team since Day 1.  Greg is a master at the electric line “override” (he can get that small fiber line through existing electrical conduit like running back through a defensive line!). Whether digging in vaults, overriding electric conduit, hanging fiber, splicing, troubleshooting, and leading crews, Greg has been one of the great driving forces behind the construction of Trailblazer’s Fiber Optic Network.

With all of his experience, Greg is the go to guy for safety and accountability. He learned additional skills related to fiber and took the team “in for the win” by pitching in on teaching and coaching. Greg has been an inspiration and great mentor for the newer team members.

Known for his witty sayings and creative nicknames, Greg can turn a boring workday into an opportunity to learn, grow and laugh. He is known to enjoy all of the great things that Colorado has to offer, especially the beer!

As an avid Colorado State University Rams Fan, Greg dedicated many years to the CSU football organization as the field communications coordinator which he retired from last year so that he can now enjoy the games without distraction!

If you call Greg or shoot him a text message, he’ll always close with “GO RAMS!” or his other signature phrase “10-4” You can find him at every CSU football home game, bu when  you see Greg around town working in the field, be sure to wave hello and thank him for his dedication to Trailblazer Broadband.

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