Trailblazer is pleased to announce that it is partnering with an independent company called to provide Trailblazer Broadband clients and Estes Park residents and with a free resource that recommends streaming services and packages based on your own unique TV-watching preferences.

You may already be streaming a few things on Netflix or with your Amazon Prime subscription, but what about Live TV, news, cooking shows, sports?  Is it really possible to cut the cable TV cord altogether and stream everything?  The answer is YES!

“From the beginning, Trailblazer made the conscious decision not to offer a TV bundle with our internet service because there are so many options out there,” says Kim Smith Trailblazer Customer Experience Manager. “We are not in the TV business, so we knew we would not be able to satisfy the unique preferences of all our internet clients at a competitive price in today’s ever-changing streaming market. That’s why we are letting people know about MyBundle, to make the streaming process easier.”

Here’s how it works.

Get Started With the Find My Bundle Tool

The best place to start on MyBundle is by using the Find My Bundle Tool. At its core, this tool is essentially a “quiz” leading you through simple questions about your existing streaming apps, channels, and services and your content needs and preferences.  All it takes is a few minutes to find out how you can cut the cable cord and potentially save hundreds of dollars a year.

Once you’ve finished the quiz and picked the channels you still want to watch, the Find My Bundle Tool quickly configures packages and bundles to meet your needs and presents their price points.

It expedites and simplifies the research process so you won’t miss out on your favorite shows and movie apps or any of the sports and teams you follow. Be sure to check out the Great Value option for even more savings.

Building a bundle with the Find My Bundle Tool lays a strong foundation for all your streaming home entertainment.

Best of all, it is based on your preferences and viewing habits, including what you need for LiveTV and up-to-date news. No more cable packages or lineups with channels you don’t even watch. And with MyBundle’s tools and features, you can see the cost savings over cable with your own eyes.

Discover New Content and Receive Recommendations With a Personalized Streaming Guide

Once the Find MyBundle Tool has created your bundle and saved you money, it’s time to let MyBundle’s technology help you find new shows and movies you’ll love.

By creating your free MyBundle Profile and selecting your existing streaming subscriptions, MyBundle can offer recommendations from any of them, streamlining the search for your next great binge.

MyBundle’s intelligent algorithm searches for content based on your previously entered preferences and viewing habits. Then, it proposes specific shows and movies to fit those preferences, whether the show or film is on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, or Paramount+.

Then, based on your viewing history and recommendations, MyBundle generates and displays a personalized streaming guide unique to you and your tastes. Unfortunately, your cable company and its locked-in channel lineup lack MyBundle’s sophisticated abilities.

Build Watchlists for Movies and Series Across All Your Streaming Apps

Now, it’s time to let MyBundle better organize your content into more efficient, accessible watchlists.

MyBundle lets you create a Watchlist for shows and movies that encompass all of your streaming apps, channels, and services into these universal watchlists. So, rather than switching between apps trying to find a new series or movie that piqued your curiosity, you can see content in your MyBundle Watchlists.

So check out your MyBundle Watchlists and choose what you’re in the mood for on a given night. Maybe it’s a suspenseful police show or a workplace comedy. MyBundle’s Watchlists present all your content across all your streaming apps in simple, well-organized lists so you can get right to watching.

Whether you’re trying to cut the cable cord completely or just adding to your entertainment options, using MyBundle’s tools, you’ll understand how to find the streaming apps and content you’ll actually use and enjoy—and save you money! With Trailblazer Broadband’s high-speed fiber internet, MyBundle can help you cut the cord for good!

MyBundle is independent of Trailblazer Broadband, and using the Find MyBundle tool to get a streaming recommendation is free.  Anyone – whether they are a Trailblazer Broadband customer or not – can go to take the Find My Bundle quiz with no obligation.”  To learn more about MyBundle and all the great entertainment it has to offer

Trailblazer Broadband is municipally owned and is Estes Park’s only locally supported high-speed broadband service provided over fiber optic lines. For more information, contact Trailblazer Broadband at or (970)577-3770.  More Trailblazer news is available at and

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