I went to school in Estes Park, kindergarten-12th; graduating in 1973. 1977 Bachelor of Science, Colorado State University; 1978 Master of Science, Colorado State University; 2004 Doctor of Audiology, Central Michigan University.

I have the honor of being a two-time Olympian, 1972 in Munich as a senior in high school and 1976 in Montreal while an athlete at Colorado State University.

My 28 years in track and field exposed me to national and international politics as an athlete, team manager, USA track and field athlete representative and board member, Olympic Committee representative and Olympic Committee Board member. I participated in the meetings in Washington, D.C. when President Carter removed the U.S. team from participation in the 1980 Olympics, participated in summer and winter Olympic venue selection, and managed track and field teams for the World Cup in Barcelona, Spain and World Championships in Tokyo, Japan. I learned to see problems from many different perspectives, listen to many viewpoints, ask questions and make critical decisions.

In 1987 I returned to Estes Park to raise my family and continue working as an audiologist. As an audiologist, I served on legislative committees for business regulation and state conventions.

I have been fortunate to serve in many capacities for our community. 1991-1997 Park Hospital District Board of Directors; 1996-1997 President Park Hospital District Board of Directors; Recreation District Sub-committee member for expansion of recreation in the Estes Valley, Senior Center Board member and Vestry member at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, 25 year member of the Estes Park Lions Club and a Past President. 2010-2017 Town of Estes Park Trustee/Mayor Pro Tem 2013-2017; Mayor 2020-2023.

Source:  https://dms.estes.org/weblink/0/edoc/132943/BIOGRAPHY%20Koenig.pdf


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