Exterior Pre-Installation

Since the first step of installation takes place outside of your home, you will not need to be present.


  • Expect locates from Utilities in your area, these are marked by flags or paint in your area.
  • Your exterior underground installation occurs between the time you sign up for service and your scheduled interior installation.
  • You need not be present for the underground exterior installation.
  • Installation crews will determine an optimal path that may require underground trenching across finished surfaces such as driveways or walkways.
  • Crews utilize the least invasive trenching methods and will repair/restore the trenched areas.
  • If you have installed and own your existing conduit, crews will determine if it can be used for your fiber installation. NOTE: Trailblazer cannot install fiber into a conduit owned by another service provider.


  • Crews will run a fiber drop overhead following the residence’s main power feed, most likely the day of your scheduled installation.

  • Trailblazer Broadband will retain ownership and maintenance rights of these lines. More information can be viewed in your Terms and Conditions.

Interior Installation

  • For this part of this installation process, you will need to be home to confirm equipment placement and connectivity.
  • The standard installation will include a maximum of 30 feet of fiber on the exterior of your home from your electric meter or point of entry.
  • Interior installation will require drilling a small hole on the exterior of the home to the interior.
  • A junction box will be mounted to the exterior and fiber will run through a wall plate on the interior.
  • Installers will review options for the optimal interior location of your equipment based on:
    • Where you use your internet most

    • Placement near an electrical outlet

    • At least 3 feet away from any appliances or wireless devices that may cause interference (e.g. Microwaves , Cordless Phones , Baby Monitors , Older Electronic Equipment etc..)

    • A maximum of 20 feet from the point where fiber enters the interior

    • On the main or ground level of your home (Note: Mesh units are recommended for multiple levels or large homes)

  • Your interior equipment will include:
  • A state of the art Nokia WiFi system with a single unit and fiber connection.
  • Additional units for the mesh system are available at an additional cost.
  • Installers will ensure that your internet is working properly by connecting an ethernet cable to your interior equipment and performing a speed test. Speeds up to 1000 Mbps will vary based on your location and your device.
  • Installers will ensure that the WiFi service is functional on one of your wireless devices by connecting to the Nokia WiFi system, using your SSID/ WPA login and password.
  • You will need to keep your login and password information in order to connect any other wireless devices you choose to use in your home. Please consult our FAQs or the manufacturer for support on connecting your personal devices.

If you have unique installation requirements or prefer the location of your equipment is somewhere other than what is included in the Standard Installation, please contact us today at 970-577-3770 to schedule a preliminary walkthrough of your property prior to installation.

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