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    • Installation occurs in two phases on two separate dates. Pre-installation brings fiber from curb to your home, followed by installation inside your home at a later date and time that you will choose when you sign up for service. You do not have to be home for pre-installation, but will need to be there for the In Home Installation at your scheduled time.

    • The standard installation fee for service is $89.95; however, if you are able to take advantage of our Mountaineer Discount, that fee will be waived.

    • Trailblazer Broadband service includes the lease of an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that facilitates your internet connection as well as wireless connectivity if you subscribe to our managed WIFI service. This equipment will need to be returned to Trailblazer Broadband if and when service is terminated.

    • The lease of the equipment is included with the service. We highly recommend using our provided equipment whenever possible because it is configured to maximize efficiency and internet speed as well as to aid in any troubleshooting that might be required in the future.

    • If you wish to connect multiple devices within your home or use OnDemand or streaming TV services, a wireless router is essential. The good news is that Trailblazer Broadband’s Nokia Gateway acts as a modem and a wireless router all in one.  So if you subscribe to our Whole-Home Managed WiFi service – which is included in the discounted Mountaineer Package, you will not need to have a separate wireless router.

    • It is our goal to set up your service to your satisfaction during the installation appointment. The cost of leasing the equipment is included in the monthly service charges. We highly recommend using our provided equipment whenever possible because it is configured to maximize efficiency and internet speed as well as to aid in any troubleshooting that might be required in the future.

      If you prefer, we will connect to your existing router and ensure that your internet is functioning properly. If there is a custom request or something unusual about your existing configuration that requires additional time or a return visit, an additional fee may apply.

    • When you sign up for service online, you will be able to select a time and date for installation inside your home that is convenient for you.

    • After signing and selecting your installation date and time, you will receive an email with a confirmation of the time and date. You can go into your account online at any time to check the installation schedule if you forget. If you need to change your appointment or need further assistance, please call our Customer Support team at 970-577-3770.

    • You do not have to be home for pre-installation, which takes place outside your residence between the time you sign up for service and your in-home installation.

      You will need to be present for the in-home installation. While it is possible to designate someone to be there instead of you, we highly recommend that you try to be there yourself.

      – During installation, the installers will work with you to establish the placement of your broadband equipment as well as the wall plate where the fiber enters your home.
      – You (or the person you designate) will be asked to sign off that the installation has been completed to your satisfaction.
      – If you require changes or an additional service call after installation, additional charges will apply.

      For those reasons, we really recommend that the installation take place when you are available to be there if possible.

    • The installer will help you determine the ideal location for your interior wall plate and the ONT during the appointment. In the meantime, it is a good idea to think about possible locations and to make sure that it is accessible. For best results, the ONT should be placed in a central location of the home near the main TV and/or computer. The area should have easy access, free of obstructions or heavy furniture and be near an exterior wall with at least two available electrical outlets.

    • Pre-installation takes place outside your residence between the time you sign up for service and your in home installation. You will receive an email when pre-installation is complete. This email will also include a reminder of your in home installation date and time.

    • Custom Exterior Installation:
      Some homes on large lots or in remote areas require a longer fiber run from the fiber terminal to the outside of the home. If this applies to your property, we encourage you to contact Customer Support at 970-577-3770 when you are ready to sign up for service. A member of our fiber team will schedule a time to meet with you and work with you to determine the best path for the fiber to be run to your home. If custom work is required, we will provide you with an estimate of what it would cost, similar to what you may have experienced with other phone or energy companies. You will have an opportunity to review the quote and approve it before any work is done.

      Custom Interior Installation:
      During the initial in-home installation, our installers will work with you to determine the best placement for your Nokia Gateway within our standard installation parameters.  They will confirm this selection with you before completing the installation.

      If you require an installation that falls outside our standard guidelines, a custom installation can be performed at a cost of $80/hour over and above the standard installation time. Likewise, if you choose to have your Gateway moved after the initial agreed upon installation, a separate service appointment will be created for that move, again at a cost of $80/hour.

    • When selecting the location for your fiber installation, be sure to let your installer know if pets or children will have access to the room or area where the fiber will be run.  Trailblazer Broadband is not responsible for any damage to wires or equipment that occurs in the home after installation, but more importantly, we want your family members and pets to be safe.  If you have pets that are prone to chewing, you may want to invest in a simple, inexpensive cord cover.

    • If fiber in your area is run underground (typically following the same path as your electrical lines), Estes Park Power & Communications will complete locates prior to digging or trenching to lay the fiber.

      Locates identify and label public utility lines that are underground. These lines may include cabling for telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, cable television, fiber optics, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, water mains, and wastewater pipes.

      There is nothing you need to do, and there is no cost to you for this process. You may see different colors of flags or spray paint in your neighborhood as shown below.  To learn more about the process, you can go to

    • If you have installed, maintain, and own your own conduit, Trailblazer’s team of experts will determine if the conduit is in a place that allows for the proper placement of your fiber lines and equipment.  We recommend a pre-installation walkthrough to determine whether or not your existing conduit can be used and if additional work is needed.

      Not all existing conduit will be useable because:

      1. First, since we are running fiber optic cable instead of copper cabling, we are using a conduit that is best suited for housing and protecting our fiber.  
      2. Existing conduit may not feed into a point of entry that allows for optimal equipment placement, so additional trenching or fiber may be needed, which may result in additional charges for custom placement.
      3. Also, much of the existing conduit in Town belongs to other entities and providers.  If we ran fiber through their conduit and they chose to remove it, our fiber would be removed with it.  
      4. IMPORTANT:  Trailblazer cannot utilize existing conduit owned and maintained by other service providers. 
    • In order to build our infrastructure, the main fiber network must be installed. Trailblazer does this by running fiber optic cable along the powerlines. As with all utility work, teams from Estes Park Power & Communications must access the utility easements at your location. For more information on utility easements, follow this link for the Town of Estes Park information.

      After you sign up for service, we will also be running fiber lines from the curb to your home or business following the existing power lines, either overhead or underground.

      As always, Trailblazer appreciates your patience and cooperation as we complete this work as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining the integrity of your surrounding property to the best of our ability.