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Rates & Packages

    • For residential service, sign up within 90 days of service availability in your area to receive the Mountaineer Discount Package.  As a Mountaineer customer, you will always have a lower rate than the standard published price as long as your account at that location remains open and in good standing.

      We are extending the Mountaineer Discount Package to all residential customers during our buildout process. After buildout is complete, residential customers are eligible for Standard Pricing of $89.95/month, including Whole Home Managed WiFi, a $6.95/month value. An activation fee of $89.95 applies.  Standard service still includes up to 1 GIG for download and upload speed with no long-term contract and no data caps.

      For more details, view our complete Residential Rate Sheet.  


    • Because businesses all have very different internet requirements, we are committed to making sure that everyone has the type of service they need. For that reason, we don’t have a laundry list of rate plans that are typically built around limiting your speed and bandwidth. Instead, we work with each business customer individually to do some fact-finding and to make sure we meet all your needs effectively. Regardless of your business size or requirements:

      – Trailblazer offers every business our 1 GIG Fiber-to-the-Premises service, which provides up to 1 GIG speeds for uploads as well as downloads with no throttling or data caps.
      – We also prioritize all business internet traffic as well as business Technical Support which is available 24 x 7 x 365.
      – Our service is about more than speed; we offer greater reliability so you don’t lose connectivity when you need it most…
      so your credit card machine doesn’t go down during a retail sale;
      so you can enjoy increased bandwidth for the summer months when there are more people in town using the internet;
      so you can provide increased satisfaction for your guests (lodging) or customers who are using your internet.

      We are contacting area businesses as service becomes available to them, but always feel free to contact us directly at 970-577-3770 for more information about how we can serve your business.

    • Mountaineer Pricing

      *If you sign up within 90 days of service availability in your area, you will receive our Mountaineer Discount pricing. As a Mountaineer customer, you will always have a lower rate than the standard published price as long as your account at that location remains open and in good standing.

    • Our Seasonal Hold option provides 6 Mbps service, which is just enough to run home security systems and cameras.  The cost for seasonal hold is $19.95/month during the hold period with an activation fee of $29.95, due at the time the seasonal hold is activated. For customers wanting seasonal service prior to having our service for 12 consecutive months, there is a one-time upfront setup fee of $89.95. Please note that the seasonal hold option is not available on Commercial accounts.

      • Autopay using a debit or credit card is required, and the account must remain in good standing during the vacation hold period. Good standing means you have complied with all explicit obligations.
      • The minimum hold period is (1) month and the maximum is six (6) months.
      • The hold can only be activated once every 12 months.
      • Whole-Home Managed WiFi and technical support will be suspended while on seasonal hold and all equipment will remain on-premise.
      • The hold period will start and end on the first of the designated months, e.g., a hold may be initiated on November 1st with regular service restored on April 1st.
      • We ask that you allow up to 3 business days to turn full service back on; you can change the end date of your hold period up to one business day prior to the initial scheduled end date, without exceeding the five-month maximum.
      • Upon the scheduled return date, services will resume without the need to schedule a new installation or service visit. Also, the pre-hold options and rates will be restored to the account.
      • Please note that seasonal hold may not be available for all services.


    • You can actually SAVE money by subscribing to Trailblazer Broadband and cutting the cable cord, and potentially your phone cord as well.

      – When you consider the cost, consider not only your internet service, but your cable and phone bill also.

      – With Trailblazer Broadband, instead of paying upwards of $100 each month for a variety of TV channels that you don’t watch, replace your traditional television service with streaming TV at a fraction of the cost. By canceling cable and making the switch to streaming entertainment, people save hundreds of dollars annually.

      Finally, fiber broadband is not just about speed, it is largely about reliability and continuity. If you’re like many area residents and businesses, you have experienced the inconvenience of not having internet when you needed it at some point. Trailblazer Broadband’s fiber-optic lines provide the fastest and most reliable option available to residents and businesses of Estes Park.

    • We do not offer phone service at this time. With Trailblazer Broadband, you have the freedom to choose which providers you want for the services you need. You can choose your phone service and tv provider based on what service level is right for you and your needs.

    • Yes! With Trailblazer Broadband, you can subscribe to services from Live TV and OnDemand Streaming providers to continue enjoying your favorite shows and movies, sporting events and even local news! Even better, these options are often far less expensive than traditional cable offerings. Most offer free trials so you can try them with no obligation and find the perfect fit for you! Learn more about cutting the cord Trailblazer Broadband Support/Resources.

    • If you intend to connect more than one device to your new Trailblazer Broadband service, it is important to have strong WiFi coverage in your home, so you can connect devices in various rooms without cords.

      Whole-Home Managed WiFi from Trailblazer is even better because it allows our Trailblazer Broadband team to provide better support through remote troubleshooting and improved network performance, utilizing cloud-based monitoring and administrative tools.


    • No, service will be offered on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contracts.

    • Trailblazer Broadband is a separate and distinct business operated and supported by Estes Park Power & Communications. The broadband service does not impact the cost of your utility service. Our electrical SmartGrid infrastructure for the Town’s electricity delivery system which is required to meet our renewable energy goals is adding to the efficiency of our utility and helping to streamline the buildout of our broadband service.

    • No. Trailblazer Broadband service is separate from your utility service. You make the decision about whether the faster, more reliable internet service is right for you.

    • While we can’t guarantee that prices will NEVER change, we have analyzed what is needed to make the program successful and financially feasible. We don’t plan to change pricing, but if that happens down the road, Mountaineer customers will always have a lower rate than the standard published price as long as your account at that location remains open and in good standing.

    • Trailblazer Broadband has no data caps on usage for residential service.

      Even better, you will enjoy up to 1 Gigabit on both UPLOADS and DOWNLOADS equally, which is up to 100x faster than other services in the area!  Most of the time, published speeds are for download only with upload speeds being significantly slower.

      Why does that matter? Upload speed is how fast your data is sent from you to others. No one else in the valley offers comparable upload speed which is essential for sending big files via email, file-sharing or for using video-chat to talk to someone else online (since you have to send your video feed to them).  The demand for increased upload speeds has become even more important as more and more people are video conferencing, telecommuting and keeping in touch via the  internet through applications like Skype and Facebook.

    • At this time, Static IP addresses are only available with a commercial Trailblazer Broadband account. You can upgrade to a home business account which is 1 Gpbs upload and download with no data caps or contracts. We can waive the activation fee just as with your home installation barring any custom work needed. Please contact our Customer Support team at 970-577-3770 or for more details.

    • When you sign up for service, you will have the choice to provide a credit card or bank account information which will be used for automatic monthly billing on the first of each month. Many of our customers prefer this method; however, you can pay by check, cashier’s check, money order or a debit from your bank account if you prefer. At this time Trailblazer does not accept cash payments.

      Mail-in payments can be made by check made out to Trailblazer Broadband PO Box 1200 Estes Park, CO 80517 or can be dropped off in the Utility Payment drop box located across from the main entrance at Town Hall at 170 MacGregor Ave. For your convenience, Trailblazer also offers the option to set up an automatic monthly ACH withdrawal from your account.

    • All businesses have basic Wifi capability included with their package and routed through the Nokia Gateway that Trailblazer provides as part of its service. This Wifi service is sufficient for streaming music and connecting a few devices, similar to what you might expect from a residential Wifi service. Beyond that, Trailblazer does not provide managed WiFi or networking services for businesses. If you have more complex Wifi requirements and configurations, those would need to be managed internally or through the support of an independent IT management company of your choice.