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    • If your internet service does not seem to be working properly, here are a few things to check that could result in a simple, quick resolution.

      First, to determine if there are any known outages within the system, check our status page for any known outages or issues:

      If no known outage is indicated:

      • Ensure power is connected to all devices.
      • Ensure power button is switched to “On” on your Nokia Gateway (ONT) – Confirm that all cables are plugged in properly. To be sure, you may want to disconnect and reconnect them.
      • Check for power & service indicator lights.
      • Ensure you are connected to the proper WIFI system.
      • Make certain your account is up to date on payments by logging into>Account.
      • Please note that your Trailblazer Broadband user name and password for the network are on the bottom of your NOKIA device. All system access information including passwords were also provided on the paperwork left with you during the installation process.
      • If you still need assistance, we’re here to help! Call us at 970-577-3770.

      You can also download our Troubleshooting Guide HERE.

    • In most cases, connecting a device to your home network is easy. A managed WiFi connection is available with Trailblazer Broadband. This option is needed if you wish to connect multiple devices wirelessly.

      Although each device is somewhat different, these simple steps should get you started.  Please also consult the Users Guide for each individual device for more specific instructions.

      On your device:

      • Go to Settings
      • Select the option most closely related to one of the following: Network – Connectivity – Internet Connection
      • Select WIFI Connection option
      • When prompted, enter the wifi name and password that are listed in your Trailblazer Broadband account
      • Wait for the indication that the device is “connected”
      • NOTE: You can perform these same steps in a wired configuration by connecting your device to the modem with an ethernet cable.

      If you want to connect a device that does not have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can purchase a WiFi adapter that plugs into your computer’s USB port.

    • To log into your WiFi account, go to  You will need to enter your username (email address) and password to access your WiFi account.

      The installer should have left that information with you at the time of installation. If you didn’t receive one or can’t find it, please contact us at 970-577-3770 so we can assist you.  For security purposes, your login credentials, including passwords, are not listed in your TrailBlazer Broadband online account.

      Once you are logged into your account, you can change your WiFi password.

      IMPORTANT:  Changing your WiFi password will require you to update all devices that are connected to WiFi – such as computers, TVs, thermostats, home security systems, printers, etc. – with the new password in order to connect them to the internet. 


    • To conduct the most accurate speed test on your Trailblazer Broadband service, we recommend that you download our App following these instructions:

      1. Connect to Trailblazer Internet Via Nokia Gateway ONT and Ethernet Cable
      2. Disable WiFi & close all applications
      3. Download Desktop App
      4. Ensure Trailblazer Broadband is selected as the server
      5. Run Test by Clicking “Go”
      Please note that due to ethernet overhead, you will not see a full 1Gbps, but slightly less.
      Other factors that can negatively impact your speed test and achieve slower results are:
      1. Connecting through WiFi or not disabling WiFi
      2. Running the speed test in a web browser
      3. Running the speed test on a slower computer or a computer running other programs
      4. Running the speed test through an internet provider other than Trailblazer Broadband

      For Speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second
      Operating System:
      Windows 10 (64 bit) or newer or Mac OSX 10.8 or newer. Visit the Microsoft Windows lifecycle fact sheet or Mac OS X Support overview for their latest operating system information.
      Google Chrome 56.0.2924, Microsoft Edge (64-bit), Mozilla Firefox 52 (64-bit) or Safari 8 or newer. For more information about different browsers or to download a new one, visit
      Ethernet Cable:
      Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable.
      10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet interface or adapter for wired connection
      Intel Dual Core i5 or better or AMD Ryzen 5 or better
      8 GB of RAM minimum
      Hard Drive / Space:
      64 GB or larger SSD recommended to achieve maximum download speeds

    • Upload speed is how fast your data is sent from you to others. Uploading is necessary for sending big files via email, file-sharing or in using video-chat to talk to someone else online, since you have to send your video feed to them.

      The demand for increased upload speeds has become important as more and more people are video conferencing, telecommuting and keeping in touch via the  internet through applications like Skype and Facebook.